A decision

It’s a go on the fingerless mitts for my coworker’s daughter. The first pair are exactly like ZoĆ©’s purple ones. Now I need to finish the pink pair (1 down, 1 1/3 done).

I also unraveled the start of the “Peacock Tail and Leaf Scarf” that I was doing in a gorgeous blue Malabrigo laceweight (in Azul Bolita bought from Rose Haven Farm Store).

It just wasn’t working for me. The needle was probably a touch small, but the slight variagation was distracting from the gorgeous pattern. It just didn’t work. I’ll have to find something worthy of this lovely colour later.

Not much progress yet on Laminaria. I had been craving some more lace to knit (hadn’t touched any since mid-December!). No pictures yet – it’s just a fluffy green blob still. I dropped a stitch the other night (watching the Superbowl) and got busy for a few days. This morning I took the car in for service. While I was there I picked back, found the stitch, figured out how to resurrect a bit of star stitch, and I have now completed the last regular star stitch row in the transition chart. I’m looking forward to a change tonight. I suppose I should really finish the fingerless mitts first.

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