Beavers stuffed

I finally got a night where I was at home and the laundry pile was small enough to avoid any guilt about using the washer to felt beavers. For the record, I’ve got a front-loading Maytag. I put the beavers each in their own laundry bag (originally bought for keeping ZoĆ©’s little clothes separate in the laundry). Then I put them both in an ancient pillow case with a zipper that I just happened to have in the linen closet. After 2 cycles of hot/cold, they were done enough for me (one cycle was the shortest possible, the other was the next length up).

This is what they looked like when dry:

And here they are now I’ve completely stuffed them and put their little eyes & noses on. I still haven’t figured out what do to with the teeth. The pattern suggests cutting out felt & sticking it on, but since these are going to babies that doesn’t seem quite safe enough.

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