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In which Natalie sums up the last year of knitting
After almost a year of personal blogging, I’ve decided to begin blogging about my knitting so that I can keep track of it. I’ve also been inspired by many of the excellent knit blogs out there. Although I can’t quite believe it, I’ve been knitting for over a decade. I initially began as a poor university student because I loved sweaters but couldn’t really afford to buy them.

So I’ve done a whole lot of knitting and not a whole lot of recording it. Now we have a digital camera, so I’m able to record what I’ve been working on.

I’ll start with a summary of what I took pictures of this past year.

Ok, technically this is from 2004, but it’s the blocking of the shawl I made for my mother (pattern from a Knitter’s magazine that I can’t dig up right now):

Zoé’s christening gown was a fun project. I love doing lace, and thankfully I started this project when Zoé wasn’t moving about very much. It’s from Paton’s Heirloom Treasures booklet. The only thing I’d change about it is to do the decreases at the edge of the lace instead of in the middle of the straight knitting.

In the fall I finally learned to knit socks. The first pair worked! This was so much fun that I got overconfident and decided I could knit socks for my side of the family for Christmas. In my defence, I did get 5.25 of the 6 pairs done in time and the 6th is now complete & awaiting a visit from my father.

I also finished a Christmas present for Halle, our new niece who arrived this past October.

Now that the obligatory Christmas knitting is done, I’ve moved on to things for me. My first finished object of the year is a sock. Yes, one sock, so depending on your point of view the project is not actually finished, but here is the sock:

It’s what I’ve been working on when I’ve been too tired to count or I haven’t had good enough light to pursue a project I’ve been longing to do: Sivia Harding’s Diamond Fantasy Shawl. I wanted to use this Fleece Artist merino,

but it’s just too multicoloured to show the lovely lace. Sob. I’m still working on the perfect project for this wool, but I did want to try Sivia’s pattern. Instead I’ve started with my very fine black lambswool. It’s unbelievably light.

I’ve also got to finish the fish blanket (from a Knitter’s from 1996, I think), but since that’s a present I’ll wait a while to reveal it.

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