Progress & Olympics

I had a great time at Knitting Guild on Monday. I miss the Thursday afternoon knits at my LYS that I went to when I was on maternity leave, but it’s still great to see some of the folks once a month.

I intended to continue crocheting my fish blanket together

but it took up a lot of room & the light wasn’t as good as on the kitchen table at home. Instead I continued working on my Diamond Fantasy Shawl. I don’t really have any progress to show because I was unhappy with my tension before, ripped it out, and started again with a tension I’ll be able to remember when I go back to the project. I’ve maybe done another 20 rows since the last picture. Sigh.

I just belatedly found out about YarnHarlot’s Knitting Olympics. I’d love to join in. I haven’t completely settled on what to knit, but I’m thinking that a project I’d been designing in my head for a while might be the thing. I’m thinking of a pillow based on a cosmos flower (like the pic below) for my little ZoĆ©.

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3 Responses to Progress & Olympics

  1. Samantha says:

    I think the little pillow will be a great project, and something your daughter will always cherish.

    Those beavers are freakin’ adorable!! I love them!

  2. Lori says:

    I just came across your entry on the Team Canada blog. I LOVE that fish blanket! Where is the pattern from?

    Go Canada Go!

  3. The fish blanket is from an older issue of Knitter’s magazine, summer 1998 (hmm, guess the blanket only took me about 8 years, not 9). It was shown in red & white but suggested choosing your own colours. I went nuts.