Felting has begun

This time felting seems to be taking longer than I’d expected. The flower has been in for 3 loads so far & the stitch definition hasn’t disappeared to the degree that I’d like. After the 2nd load my very old zippered corduroy pillowcase burst at the non-zippered end and I had to find one of the others. I think they’re about 17 years old, so it’s not a huge loss. Since there’s only so much time in the day, I will have to try felting the flower again tonight. I think perhaps one more wash will do it.

Felting in the front loader is fine when it’s something like this that doesn’t have strict requirements for size or feltiness (Is that a word? Google quickly reveals many other uses of it in similar situations. Pity I can’t claim it like Stephen Colbert did ‘truthiness’.).

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