Olympic knitting in progress

Somehow on the weekend I managed to get the first half of my Olympic knitting done. I know it’s the first half because I used up half the wool. I’m designing this flower pillow on the fly to be like a pink cosmos flower, because those are the colours I had.

First I figured out general proportions (1/4x = yellow, 3/4x = start of the petal split, x = full diameter). Then I did a whole bunch of fun math, areas of circles, yards of wool, and figured out how big to make the center in order to have enough pink to have 1/4x yellow and 3/4x pink. That seems to have worked out, because the first ball of pink ran out pretty much where I thought it would (at 3/4x, I think).

Now comes the hard part: figuring out how I want to do the petals. I think I know, but it’s going to require some more thinking & graph paper before I get back to the knitting.

In other knitting news, last Monday I started a pattern from JenLa: the Fibercrack blanket with the Paton’s Beehive Baby I had in hand. As they say, it’s a “A square, modified old shale lace baby blanket knitted from the center-out in the round that can easily be adapted to a shawl using a lighter-gauge yarn and smaller needles. The traditional lace pattern is simple yet beautiful so that it can be knit in either a variegated or solid-colored yarn. For a large blanket or shawl all you have to do is add pattern repeats.” I’m doing the lighter-gauge yarn and smaller needles thing, but I’ve made it through about 1/4 of the yarn already. More math is required to tell me how many repeats this will mean, but I’m mathed out & I’ll do it later.

I had suddenly remembered (thanks to Ron’s reminder) that our daughter’s godmother was due in February. I started Monday & by Thursday the baby had arrived. Hmph. Well it’s not done & I don’t even have a picture yet, but it’s going to be beautiful. Yes, I’m sure the baby’s beautiful too.

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One Response to Olympic knitting in progress

  1. Mum says:

    Natalie, I’ve just read all your blogging about knitting, with lovely pictures. It’s a wonderful story! You have made such beautiful things. Of course my favourite is my beautiful shawl, and I feel so special that you made it just for me.
    your Mum x x x