Reid mostly done, Peacock has taken over

So here’s my proof that I finally finished the seams (but not the trim) on Reid. It’s still a little big on her, which is just perfect.

I did get the Peacock Feathers shawl pattern in the mail & promptly started it. I did some rough math & figured out that I need about 175 rows out of the first ball if I want a hope of completing this thing with only two balls. As you can see I’ve put in a red cotton lifeline at a spot where I think I can drop a few pattern repeats if the first ball doesn’t go far enough. We’ll see what happens.

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One Response to Reid mostly done, Peacock has taken over

  1. Jessica says:

    eautiful! What a gorgeous color! Peacock is on my short list. I’m with you about lifelines from your comments on laceknitters – more of a “designline” than a “lifeline”.