Blocking blockage

Ok, no surprise, but no blocking occurred over the weekend. So now in addition to the Anemoi mittens, the all-but-hooded Cardigan for Merry, and the cashmere leaf lace scarf, I have a new item waiting to be blocked: my Sea Silk Argosy. I loved knitting with this stuff. It felt so luxurious. I also love knowing that I still have a green skein of Sea Silk in my stash from last fall.

Despite the accumulation of items needing blocking I’ve launched into the next project already: Shedir with some lovely brown Calmer in (I believe) Coffee Bean that I got at Make One Yarn Studio over Christmas. Yes, I’m actually knitting this in the recommended yarn. I love the feel of this stuff – it’s not a let down after the Sea Silk. Mmmm, a yummy chocolate brown. I love it so much that I don’t mind that the care instructions involve work every time I wash this (Hand wash only. Do not tumble dry. Reshape whilst wet. Dry Flat).

It’s so nice that if this hat works out for me and takes less than a skein it’s likely that I’ll be knitting a second one for Ron, who was probably just humouring me at first when I told him he had to feel my hat in progress.

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One Response to Blocking blockage

  1. Vyvyan says:

    I LOVE your Argoseasilk! Those colors are firey. You’ll be able to wear it in any season too.