Merrily humming along

So another weekend down & the Cardigan for Merry is well on its way to completion. The back is done. The fronts are done. The sleeves are in the final stages of decreases. This means that what comes next will likely take weeks, because that’s usually what happens when I get to the stage of having to block & do seams & then knit the hood. Oh well, at least I’m not afraid of running out of wool. In the ancient Berella Country Garden D.K. (Blue Smoke) that I’m using (50g/135yds), I’ve used 1 ball for the back, 1 ball each to do a front + 1/2 a sleeve, so I’m currently using the 4th & 5th balls to finish the sleeves & they ought to be enough to finish the hood too – or almost. I have 6 balls, plus another partial one I could rescue from a UFO.

I do have more blocking to do – the leaf lace cashmere scarf in one of my favourite greens has been off the needles for a couple of weeks. Perhaps tonight.

My plan for what’s next on the needles is to see if the Sea Silk I’ve been messing around with (most recently with entrelac) really wants to be Argosy instead. Fingers crossed. It’s just lovely to play with, I just wish I could figure out what it should end up as.

Of course there are many babies coming up to knit for, so I’m thinking about that too. Perhaps I’ll crack open the cotton I bought at Make One Yarn Studio soon.

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