Franklin recently posted a baby shawl swatch and referred to a lace alphabet he’d been introduced to by Jean Miles. There was much commenting on both blogs, and when reader Susoolu said that the particular issue of Piecework (May/June 1998) was still available from Interweave, I ordered it immediately. It came on Monday!

Here’s what I have to say to those helpful bloggers who took me from the strong desire of something I never knew I wanted to its rapid acquisition:

Much appreciated. Knitting the swatch gave me a strong appreciation for the elegant design of this alphabet.

In other knitting news the log cabin attempt that was ripped out because the individual pieces looked hideous together has moved back into the active pile. I’m taking a simple approach this time – knitted garter stitch square with alternating stripes of the light & dark colours. It has the potential to be overdyed, since Ron’s not overly fond of the colours.

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