Happy Canada Day!

Wow, over a month with no posts. Well it has been a busy month. I was finishing up work. Ron had his gall bladder out. Now all of that (work & recovery from surgery) is over, I should theoretically have more time. I don’t really, but being now only a week from my due date, I’m really not up to much at all.

So here are the pictures of all the things I’ve been knitting in the mean time. As I mentioned, I did do 2 Vine Lace Baby Hats in Phildar Crochet. This is part of the Christmas sale stash and there was no way I was making another blanket!

I also did 3 cute baby shrugs from the latest Debbie Bliss book which challenged me to get better at picking up stitches. The first was from Rowan cotton of some sort held double. The 2nd & 3rd were from a denim cotton that used just a smidge over half of what I had for the first shrug, so I decided to finish up the yarn & make the next size down. Ta-da!

Here’s a picture of Friday from my ArtYarns Silk Ribbon. Lovely stuff.

Oh, and here’s my latest insanity, which is now happily blocking on the spare room bed. A curtain! It’s 9 repeats of swag lace (Barbara Walker volume 4, the pattern on the cover) with a small garter edge & top & holes so I can evenly use the little clips to put it on the rod. I was going to put a lace edging on the bottom but I got fed up with knitting this. Some of the crochet cotton was older & yellowish, so I bleached & washed it today. It’s white. Now that it’s blocking, I’ve pulled out the lacy bits at the bottom to give it a kind of scalloped edge. I’m good with that.

Why a curtain? Well it’s to replace these rather poorly thought out curtains I knit years ago. We’ve been in the house 6+ years, so they’re not that old, but I clearly wasn’t thinking draping, sagging, or anything useful like that. I had to block them so they’d be big enough for the window (bad sign).

I’ve been thinking about how I’d do a replacement for ages. I knew it wouldn’t be a full height version. I knew it would be lace. I knew it would be crochet cotton again (economical!). I went through my books & thought the swag lace was large enough for the project & I love the look of it. So there. Also the curtain is not so much about privacy. It’s hard to see into the window from outside, since it’s mostly trees (as you can see) and since the bathroom is directly over the roof of the back porch. The curtain is mostly there to make you feel comfortable if you’re there when it’s dark out.

So tomorrow when the new (blocked and bleached) curtain is ready the bathroom will be spiffy again.

What’s next? I’ve been itching to knit up my lovely green Sea Silk. I recently got Lace Style out of the library & I’m thinking that the Lily of the Valley stole would be lovely. I’d have to make it a little thinner since I’ve only got one skein. I’ve done some swatching and some math & I could make it the same length & half the width with probably about the right sized border, so that’s most likely what I’ll do next. We’ll see how far I get before I go into labour.

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2 Responses to Happy Canada Day!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi there! Didn’t realise it was only a week till your due date! I’ll be thinking of you :) Our family will be home this summer, end August. Let me know if you have any plans to come out our way. I am thinking about going out yours, but let me know if there are serious logistical issues with that (grandparents and the rest). Jen H

  2. J. says:

    wow, that’s soon! well good luck, hopefully some of Louise’s “luck” rubbed off… and may the next week or 2 not be too hot. Oh yeah, great FO’s as well!