Finishing up

Yes, I finally did some blocking. That means that I have the green cashmere scarf that’s been done for over a year, my mini-Clapotis in Oban Plum Thunder, and my periwinkle Sea Silk Print O’ The Wave scarf (with border shrunk to work with my remaining yarn).

I also finished the ends on Ron’s socks. They’ve already been worn & washed.

Now I’m just about done my first Uptown Boot sock in Knit-Picks Gloss (burgundy) for me to wear. I’ve enjoyed the process so far & must remember to do the second one now so I don’t lose momentum. I’m definitely happy to learn they’ve now got a laceweight version of this yarn.

I’ve got a few more projects lined up after these socks of course, but I’ll likely get the warm wooly socks done in June or something equally silly. Then it’s back to work in July & who knows when I’ll find knitting time then.

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