Second sock syndrome

Yes, I’ve been hit by SSS. I finished the first Uptown Boot sock, cast on for the second & then I got bogged down & bored.

I knit a simple beaded bag (Scented Square from Glamour Knits at Home). Both the cotton (size 5 crochet cotton) & the beads came from the stash. Of course it was small so the stash reduction wasn’t that much.

That type of thinking got me to finally tackle making a felted tote bag from the White Buffalo that I bought when Yarn Forward was clearing it out. I bought colours I love & needed to figure out what to do. I ended up with a garter stitch base (40 st by 20 rows), picked up stitches, did cables on the corners & bound off with applied I-cord. I then knit on the handles (attached in the top white bit for about 4 rows, then added 3 more stitches on the outside to make a 6-stitch I-cord handle). I did each attachment the same way & then grafted the handles. This was all figured out on the fly, really, and I am quite happy with how it all turned out.

After 2 cycles in the machine it’s shrunk but the stitches are still very visible. I think I’m happy with the final product but I can always shrink it more later.

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One Response to Second sock syndrome

  1. lookinout says:

    That’s very smart-looking. Hope it gets lots of use.