I’m still flailing away on my lace project. I’m in the middle of the fourth (of nine) repeats of the pattern. In the mean time I’ve done 2 more Claudia hats, both in a regular adult size. I switched the needles to 3.25s & that went fine. I also did a fuzzy green & brown lengthwise scarf to use up the rest of the novelty wool I found recently in the basement. Mission accomplished and the hats and scarf have been dropped off in the donation bin at my LYS.

I have recently (for a few months) been interested in trying to get my hands on some lovely wool: Sundara (preferably laceweight) and Wollmeise.

They’re both smallish operations with a loyal following & the new stuff is snapped up in minutes whenever it appears. I’d almost given up when I noticed Sundara opened up the Seasons club again. Since it seemed like the most likely way to get my hands on some of this stuff I signed up (Fall, no surprise there).

Then last week the Wollmeise announced a sock club with a bit of a twist: you could sign up in order to be part of the lottery to join, since the demand was high. So I entered. This morning I received notice that I “won”, so I promptly paid up.

Now I’m eagerly anticipating gorgeous hand-dyed wool appearing in stages over the next year.

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