Gardening is dangerous

but it can lead to knitting.

So last week I raked the yard. The whole yard. Some time during the raking I managed to give myself a hard smack on the back of the head with the heavy wooden rake handle. I don’t remember how, I just remember being embarrassed and checking to make sure nobody saw. I then forgot about this until yesterday. In the mean time I had a migraine followed by days of headaches, dizziness and nausea. Oh, and some numbness in the hand. Good times. When I noticed the bruise on my head on Monday night it took me until the next morning to remember the cause.

Over the course of the day I spent 4 hours at work. In between and after I saw a doctor, a specialist, and then went to Emergency for a CT scan. No extra holes in my head or bleeds or anything. I’ve been told to avoid contact sports (no problem) and any more blows to the head (I’ll do my best).

The best thing about yesterday was that all that waiting around for doctors and tests meant that I got more knitting done in one day than in the last few weeks. I am now officially half finished my stole.

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2 Responses to Gardening is dangerous

  1. And here I’ve been trying to sqeeze in knitting time the old fashioned way. Now, where is my rake? Hope your head is feeling better soon.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been trying to get a copy of paton’s heirloom treasures pattern number 759 that has the beautiful
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    web looking for a store who may still have the book. It is such a shame that all those beautiful patterns are being discontinued. Your beautiful baby looks splendid in that gown. If I manage to find the pattern, I will certainly make note of your recommendation to increase at the end of the lace pattern and not the middle. THANK YOU.