Ann & Kay put a stop to my progress

Yes, I blame Ann & Kay for the complete lack of any knitting progress for the last day or two. Well, perhaps my brother too. He kindly sent me a Chapters gift card for my birthday. I ordered up Ann & Kay’s second book. Since it arrived earlier this week I have spent a good deal of my meagre amounts of free time reading through the book & chuckling aloud. Reading the book feels like you’re having a conversation with the authors (who “get” knitting). Some things are so funny I felt I had to share them, but apparently my husband does not “get” knitting, or at least does not find the book’s witty observations as hilarious as I do.

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One Response to Ann & Kay put a stop to my progress

  1. So that’s what you were chuckling about last night. Didn’t seem to match what was going on the TV. ;)