No oomph

Sorry for the delay in posts. I was going to post with all the fun details of the Needler’s Retreat in Ganonoque as soon as I got back, but then I’ve been hit by something or other & have been without much energy or oomph to do anything except sleep – and sometimes knit. After the concussion there were another set of visits to doctors and so quite a bit more knitting was done. And then in the last 2 weeks there have been another series of visits to doctors to figure out why I have no oomph (no diagnosis yet – another visit/knitting session is scheduled for Monday).

In knitting news, I’ve done well. I’ve finished my Knotty Gloves (free pattern that I downloaded from Ravelry),

a sort-of matching hat,

a couple of scarves, including a lovely beaded scarf that just needs to be grafted,

and probably almost finished the stole that lasts forever (after 7 repeats it’s quite long enough and now I just need to figure out how/if I’m going to finish the ends).

I’ve also ventured into the pair of fingerless mitts from Alpaca & Silk that I’ve had ready to go for a month now. Mitt 1 is done today! Yay.

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