Ready to block "Chrysler Crown" shawl

I cast off this week – Tuesday, I think. I am ready to block my Chrysler Crown shawl and I’m getting nervous. I would have made it wider, but if I’d added another pattern repeat I wouldn’t have had an appropriate length, by my calculations. Plus Grumperina had put the whole idea of an odd number of repeats in my head, so I’ve got 3 repeats across.

I used up all but a few yards of each skein of Sea Silk & I think I’ll be happy with the results.

So now it’s truth time. I need both the nerve and the uninterrupted time to do the blocking. Cross your fingers. More pictures to follow when I’m doing the blocking.

In the mean time, I’m trying to give this shawl a real name. I’m not sure about Chrysler Crown, but that’s the working title because I was inspired by the design of the Chrysler building – the crown portion at the top. If anyone has any other thoughts or inspirational ideas I’m wide open for suggestions.

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