Shawl still waiting on photo shoot – but look! Socks!

I have blocked the Chrysler Crown shawl and it’s ready, but it needs a good photo shoot before I post more details here. I’m thrilled with how it all worked out.

After that, I dove into my Estonian Lace book and started the Triinu scarf with my lovely Wollmeise in Jultomte that I wound after receiving it. I just knew the Jultomte had to be a lace pattern. Despite the pattern’s ease (memorized after the first repeat) and general fun factor, I was feeling less than thrilled. After reading Knitterguy’s post on Triinu and his warning about the slipped stitch edge, I decided this project just wasn’t happening. Here it is before rippage:

I know I’ll find the right thing for Jultomte. Right now it’s thinking it wants to be triangular. That’s all I’m getting.

Waiting for inspiration to strike, I resumed a year-old pair of socks. I finished the first, right about a year ago, and cast on for the second to avoid Second Sock Syndrome. It wasn’t entirely successful, but earlier this week I finally had a pair of socks. Just in time for summer!

I enjoyed the quick finish of the sock so much that I pulled some Fleece Artist sock wool out of the stash and have finally cast on for some Monkey socks. Yes, unbelievably, this is my first go round with the pattern, but so far so good. Hope they fit.

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