"The Bag" finishing is done

I started this bag just after Christmas. I quickly finished the knitting. Then I washed it, blocked it, and waited a month or two to attach the handles and sew gussets. Then I bought something to line it with.

Finally I bought some interfacing to stiffen up the lining and attached it all together. This past weekend I did a whole lot of hand sewing and now I have a mostly-finished object. I say mostly-finished because now I’m thinking it needs some kind of attachment in the middle & I have to work that bit out. Let’s hope it doesn’t take another 4 months. Well at least I can use it in the mean time!

Pattern:The Bag by Wendy Wannacott in No Sheep For You
Fiber: almost all of 4 balls of Elspeth Lavold Hempathy (2 in 05, 2 in 09)
Needles:3.25 mm circs
Lining: nice scrap of curtain cloth bought for almost nothing
Alterations:Instead of straps as instructed, did double knitting to produce a reverse stockinette tube, since I wanted them a little thicker

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