Another month gone

Wow. Another month has rushed by. What with returning from vacation, visits, Sam’s birthday, etc., I haven’t really had undisturbed time to work on my shawl pattern. Bummer.

But of course I’m knitting. The kids mind if I’m in the office on the computer, but they don’t mind if I’m hanging out in the same room knitting (although they will come and hang off me and interrupt, but that’s fine).

So I finished up Dianna and although it’s off the needles I have yet to block it. Ugh. Meanwhile, I got a little worried that I didn’t like how Dianna was turning out so I wound up one of my 2 precious skeins of Mooi, for another attempt at a pattern from the Estonian Lace book. This time I knit the Lily of the Valley pattern. Despite the yardage, I was able to eke out the full pattern repeats, in the end, or pretty close to it. This scarf also sadly remains unblocked, despite being finished one week ago.

My lack of blocking mojo had more to do with back pain issues initially (so I didn’t want to bend over & crawl around pinning things) and then general life chaos and tiredness (I went to bed several nights instead of blocking). I will get to it this week because I really want to see how these things turned out.

But my blocked blocking mojo didn’t interfere with the knitting. No sirree. I went to the stash looking for my Baby Bamboo to make a present for to-be-parents of a September baby. I found it. I also found my version of the Cardigan for Merry that I started before Sam was born, I think. He’s 2. All of the pieces are finished, it just remains to sew them together & knit up the hood. Crazy.

But does that mean I’m doing baby knitting? No, of course not. I also came across the skein of sock yarn that I bought thinking of Zoé (because of the purple) and she was quite excited to hear that I would be making her socks.

Of course I was further distracted by some Sirdar Silky Look. I bought a ball of this ages and ages ago. A single lone ball from a sale bin. I just love the colours (Denim Blue), even if I don’t love the yarn composition (acrylic/nylon). I did a lacy triangle thing from the bottom up, inspired by all the Baktus and Reclamation scarves I’ve been seeing on Ravelry. It was easy, quick, and very satisfying.

Then on to the socks, because Zoé was understandably confused that I would talk about making her socks and then not knit them. So sock #1 is past the heel and fits (Wendy’s generic toe-up pattern, 48 stitches). Zoé keeps wanting to try it on. I’m going to start the second sock from the other end of the ball so that I can make them as long as possible, as requested! I love how quickly children’s socks go.

For some reason I’m not able to upload pictures at the moment. I’ll add them when possible.

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