Congratulations on your Gold Medal!

Today is the last day of the Vancouver Olympic Winter Games. It’s also the last day of the Ravelympics and the Knitting Olympics.

Today I’m writing to celebrate the gold medal that Sue, aka soxchik won because it’s dear to me too – she knit a shawl from my Chrysler Crown Shawl pattern.

I love this early picture she took early on with a picture of the building:

And here’s the finished object blocking.

Sue told me that she was working to the deadline of wearing it to Stitches West – and she was successful! Congratulations to you!

For those on Ravelry who want to have a look, Sue’s project is the Team Sasquatch Chrysler Crown Shawl.

My Olympic knitting is also complete. I completed Ishbel. My early guesses about whether or not I had the yardage were accurate – it was close, but on the side that worked out well for me. I had about 16 yards left.

This has me thinking about working on something that will make these guesses a little easier to make – a kind of generic tool where you can put in some data & figure out whether you’ve got enough wool, or how big to make your project. I have seen a couple of spreadsheets that do this kind of thing, but I’m thinking of something simpler and more generic. More on that soon, I think.

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One Response to Congratulations on your Gold Medal!

  1. Jaimee says:

    Beautiful Natalie!! As you know, I saw (and fondled) it in person and the colour and feel of your Ishbel yarn is fabulous!!