It's a small world

In the world of my secret project things are rushing along. I’m finalizing the last few things & fixing up the pattern.

I can’t believe how easy Ravelry and the Free Pattern Testers group are making my life.

Despite not even being able to share a picture(because I’m looking to submit the project to Knitty) within 24 hours of posting my request for test knitters, I had a group of 6 volunteers living in 4 different countries (and on 3 different continents). How cool is that?

Now the questions, corrections & suggestions are flowing. I’m feeling so lucky that all this technology is connecting people with such a strong interest. It makes the world feel like a smaller, friendlier place.

Oh, and the other cool thing this week is that my Ravelry designer page was made viewable to non-Ravelry users. Now all you relatives that read this blog can see what we’re talking about!

Next challenge: the Yarn Harlot’s Knitting Olympics, Ravelympics (sorry non-Rav folks) start tonight! Oh, and the Vancouver 2010 Olympics too.

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