Oh, the cuteness

I’m still procrastinating on finishing my Cardigan for Merry. I did get it out of the bag and force Sam to try it on to see what size it is. It kind of fits him, but quite snugly. The sleeve length is great. If I finished it some time soon I could actually get him to wear it – but then it’ll be summer. Hmph.

This week I got renewed inspiration to knit for little people. The new edition of Petite Purls went up last week. Check out this lovely little Tea Party Frock (free pattern!!):

Don’t you want to knit it right away? The problem for me is that everyone I know who’s expecting is expecting a boy. Hmph. I might just have to knit it anyway. Small clothes are so satisfying.

Oh, and the latest Knitty just went live. I love Brenda Patipa‘s Tribute socks – beautiful socks and a touching tribute to a knitting friend. And then there are the whimsical duck feet socks for babies by Jeny Staiman. Even more cute baby knitting!

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