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I’m finally changing over to WordPress because of Blogger’s reluctance to let me ftp files over to my server. I will get this sorted out shortly & looking a little better, but it’s bare bones for now.

In knitting news, I recently finished a version of Citron out of yummy Malabrigo Lace in a lovely blue colour. I’d been trying out patterns here & there for a while with the lace, but the changes in colour were too much. Citron, with its stockinette, fit this wool much better.

My Citron

Ciel on the floor

Everything worked out exactly as in the pattern, including the size (about 14 inches deep, about 34 inches on the long edge). This means, unfortunately, that this lovely blue thing is not for me but for my daughter. Oh well! I had only a few yards of wool left and I feel like the wool ended up becoming the right thing. Overall, I’m fairly happy. I could see doing a version of this in some Madelinetosh for an adult, perhaps. I don’t think I could face the amount of stitches needed for a bigger size in lace weight.

Ciel (Citron) from the back

Ciel on Z.

Ciel & missing teeth

Next? What happens when I get my knitting mojo back.

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