Beautiful yarn

Many of my fellow knitters have a stash of yarn at home. So do I. My stash is organized in bins by weight and documented in Ravelry to help my memory. I went on a bit of a yarn binge in July, giving myself permission to buy many of the beautiful brands I had resisted for so long. As the yarn flowed into the house it did not escape the notice of my husband. He did make a comment about the size of my stash when I related a story about a friend’s stash. I thought about it and eventually had to agree that he was right.

My stash was outgrowing its bins, but I didn’t love it all any more. I loved most of it when I bought it, except for the sale yarn that I bought because of the savings. I decided that it’s not helpful to hold onto yarn that is no longer something I expect or hope to use. I put together a bag of free yarn and a small bin of reasonably-priced yarn and handed off 90% of it at my next sit and knit day at my LYS. Perhaps watching all those organizing shows on TV finally paid off.

Then I rearranged my stash. The lace-weight yarn that I seem to be spending most of my time with now has a bigger bin. The cotton and kiddie yarn bins were combined. And I feel a bit better about the whole thing, although I still need to knit up a lot of stash to reduce the guilt!

What? You want some yarn porn? I will show you some of my lovelies, although I can’t tell you what they’re like to knit with yet. Soon. You’ll be able to see that I’m back to buying greens.

The yarn that captivates me the most is from Grey Drizzle Fibers. The gorgeous green in a Ravelry ad sent me to Deb’s Etsy shop. I got a skein of Acorn Merino Drip and some glowing Honey Merino Mist. Service was quick and the yarn was, if possible, even more glowing/lambent in person. And there’s a fan group on Ravelry if you’re interested.  This is the kind of yarn that I need to find just the right pattern for.

Also on my list of lovelies is some wool from Renaissance Dyeing in France. Andie was lovely to deal with. I love that they work with natural dyestuffs. You have to have a look at the web site. I snagged an extra large skein of Wasabi, an unintentional colour. Andie is now doing 100g (1200m) put ups of lace-weight too. Oh, and of course there’s a Ravelry group too.

It’s not yarn, but Signature Needles went and had a sale for Canadians – free shipping! This was one more thing on my list of coveted items and with money in the PayPal account, I jumped in. My go-to lace needles have been my 3.25mm and 3.75mm Addi Lace needles. I sprang for two larger circular needles (4mm, 4.5mm). What I love most about them is that the cables swivel. No more tangled kinky cables!

I will show you more of my purchases another day!

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