Pancreatic Craftacular

In the month of August, I’m participating in Kim Werker‘s Pancreatic Craftacular by donating 50% of each pattern sold to the Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research. There are lots of other fantastic folks participating – do have a look! And if you’re not interested in buying but you want to help out, Kim’s got a goal to reach by Sept. 12th and she’s already at 80%. Donate here.

Included in my donations are half of any sales of the newly-named Diamond Sunburst Shawl. Thanks to all for helping out with suggestions.  jenniem on Ravelry won a copy of the pattern. And thanks to the Thursday Sit & Knit crew at Yarn Forward for helping me sort through the suggestions and pick some favourites. I ended up not going with the mysteriously added “Jaimee’s Shawl” which somehow got a large number of votes. I’m looking at you, knittyjaimee.

And just to leave you all with a story that probably shouldn’t irritate me as much as it does, I’ve got to tell you about having my new thermostat installed this morning. The guy was quick about his work and wanted to show me how the new one works (oooh, nice touch screen). He asked if we were on a schedule on our previous one. Yes. He asked what the temperature was set to. I didn’t know because my husband set it, so I said so. He demonstrated the setup briefly, and then told me he was leaving the manuals with me for my husband.

It’s a freaking touch screen with a readable interface. Once you’ve seen someone demonstrate it, you know how to use it. It’s that easy. You don’t even need an engineering degree (which I have).

Leaving the manuals with me for my husband. Hmph.

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