crooked paths is mine at last!

Vermillion Crooked Paths hat

I loved this hat design by Melissa LaBarre the moment I saw it. It’s beautiful and I had been coveting madelinetosh yarn for months. I finally bought both the pattern and some Tosh Vintage in Vermillion in July (from The Loopy Ewe, which I had browsed for years).

Although I wound the skein so quickly I forgot to take a picture for my Ravelry stash, I only found time to knit this up recently. I am so happy that both the design and the yarn lived up to my expectations. It was a quick and straightforward knit and I was left with only a few grams of yarn. Very satisfying. I might have to do a few more things with heavier weight yarns.

Oh, and if you have somehow remained unaware of the new book collaboration that Melissa did with Cecily Glowik MacDonald, have a look at New England Knits here and look at the patterns in it on Ravelry. Pictures below are from the book & were done by Sadie Dayton (and I asked Melissa if I could post them here).

I think that the patterns I am in danger of needing to knit are the Brattleboro Hat,

the Hampton Cardigan,

and the Providence Hoodie.

I also love the Cranston Coat, the peek of the bright colour through the lace and around the edges, I’m just not sure I’m up for that kind of commitment right now.

Doing a hat should be easy! Didn’t I mention that in July’s yarn binge I also got some lovely Tosh DK in Fathom from Eat.Sleep.Knit? No? Well here’s what it looks like:

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