Knitters are helping with pancreatic cancer research!

Thank you to the many knitters who helped me to raise money as part of Kim Werker’s Pancreatic Craftacular in August. As a result, I made a donation of $280 to the Lustgarten Foundation. As with previous donations, I’m posting part of the receipt here. It’s a transparency thing.

It’s still not too late to help Kim totally blow through her updated goal (currently $3200). She’s raising funds until Sept. 12th. You can donate here.

And have a look at what Sabrina (aka drsoc on Ravelry) has done.

She’s finished her Chrysler Crown scarf. What’s particularly special about that to me is that it was her first lace! What a fantastic job.

Happy Labour/Labor Day to all of you out there celebrating it. I spent most of it tidying and cleaning the house and then getting out of the house for yet another showing. Once this house sells I see a lot more knitting time in my future! Well, after the move, and, well, whatever work has to be done on whatever house we buy. Ok, so no big empty patches of knitting/designing time are in my immediate future, but I can dream, right?

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One Response to Knitters are helping with pancreatic cancer research!

  1. Kim Werker says:

    Thank you so very much, Natalie! I wish I could jump through the screen and hug you.