SHELTER scarf needs a name! Contest!

So if you’re a knitter, you probably already know that Jared Flood (aka Brooklyn Tweed) recently launched his own yarn: SHELTER. I was intrigued & bought 3 skeins.

I chose Fossil (the whitest of the bunch of lovely colours). I know that some people (Louise, I’m looking at you!) wondered why I hadn’t gone for something else, but this is what I wanted. Perhaps next time I’ll delve into the other colours.

The yarn arrived recently and I didn’t have a chance to play with it before Rhinebeck. On the drive down to Rhinebeck I started working on what I thought was a new lace design. After a bit of trial and error, it became clear to me that it was instead a new scarf design for a scarf that’s mostly 2×2 ribbing, but has a kind of angled Deco-inspired cabled ending. It’ll start with a provisional cast-on so that both ends look the same.

I’ve been working on it this week, thoroughly enjoying the wooliness and smell of the yarn. Here’s a little preview of where it’s at:

Right now it exists as a hand-drawn chart that needs updating and hand-written chicken scratch step-by-step written instructions that need to be typed in and checked, but I expect that very soon it will emerge as a pattern. Perhaps I need some more SHELTER to play with other colours. Which colour would you choose?

CONTEST ALERT: Have you got any thoughts about a name for this scarf? Please comment here, email, or PM me on Ravelry (ottawawoolpower) as soon as possible! If you’re the first to suggest the winning name, you’ll get a copy of the new pattern. If there are too many choices that I like, I’ll put the top ones up for a vote!

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5 Responses to SHELTER scarf needs a name! Contest!

  1. Pinneguri says:

    What about Glacier?
    Anyway, I like that this colour is called Fossil and your pattern being very geometric-fossil like :)

    • natalie says:

      I hadn’t noticed the fossilness of the pattern. I am pretty hooked on geometric designs at the moment!

  2. Jean in SLC says:

    When I look at the scarf (lovely, BTW), I immediately thought of art deco architecture, which made me think of the Chrysler building , which finally led me to the name “Scarf in the City.”

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