Knitting with love

I’ve been kind of at loose ends when it comes knitting this past week. With the Fast Forward scarves done, a submission proposal sent off, and no new ideas in progress, I’ve been feeling a little stuck. I’ve done some more sketching and have a few ideas to work from, but my daughter put in a knitting request last week. She said the only thing missing from her winter wardrobe was a cache-cou (a cowl). (Yes, my kids are going to French school)

After a little more discussion I discovered that it needed to be able to go around her neck & be pulled up over her nose. Buttons were desired. Pink was the colour of choice, and we headed to Yarn Forward on Friday night where Auntie Lulu helped us choose a skein of Cascade 128 in a light pink.

I knit some garter stitch (26 stitches) for what seemed like forever (but was only a few hours), dug some appropriately girly buttons out of the collection, and voilĂ , a cache-cou that meets all the requirements:

It’s wonderful to knit something for a child & have them love it!

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