I know I was intrigued a while back when Quince & Co. was launched. I’ve been on their mailing list for quite a while and I’ve loved the colours I’ve seen and the variety of patterns in their yarn. Their consistent look & packaging is great too. I’ve been kind of sad that there was no lace weight option, because that’s what I wanted to work with.

Then I had the idea for the scarf I knit with SHELTER. I also wanted to try some other yarn options for this scarf. This was the perfect excuse reason to order some Quince & Co. Lark. I encountered a dilemma when trying to choose from the 37 colours, so I chose 3: nasturtium (for a sample scarf), split pea (for me), and river (for you – or someone like you. More on that later). Here’s what showed up:

I’ve been knitting with the nasturtium already and loving the springy fabric that it’s producing in 2×2 ribbing. I think this is my favourite version of this scarf so far. And folks at the sit & knit night at my LYS seemed to like it too.

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