It’s amazing how much knitting you can get done in a weekend when you don’t have to cook, clean, or do anything other than eat or knit!

I went down to Gananoque a week ago with 2 skeins of blue Cascade 220 Heathers to knit another sample of my new scarf pattern. After using my Strauch ball-winder and a special hilarious human swift (video may appear later), I cast on around 4pm. I was almost done on Sunday, but had to finish it up on Monday morning. And I only knit on the scarf in one of my three classes – the one where my brain couldn’t do math any more.

I think my most-likely-to-be-used takeaway from the weekend is Deb Gemmell‘s favourite increase. It’s not a yo or a regular lifted increase. Like a lifted increase, you put your needle under the bar between the stitches on your needles. Then you wrap your yarn as if you’re knitting, pull it under the bar and onto the needle, and voila, new stitch. It gives a smaller hole than a yo, and I can see using it on baby sweaters for a decorative raglan increase. I’m sure I’ll find other places to use it.

Thanks very much to Debbie at Sheeps Ahoy for organizing the Eastern Ontario Needlers’ Retreat. For anyone else semi-local, there’s now a Ravelry Group if you want to find out more about the next one.

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