Saturday Spinning Update – Phat Fiber box!

I know there are lots of folks out there who love the Phat Fiber boxes. If you’re lucky enough to score one from the Etsy store at the preappointed times, you can look forward to lots of little yarn & fibery samples to play with, along with patterns, stitch markers, and other goodies.

I got a December box because I decided that having a few different small samples to try spinning might help me figure out what I liked without a big commitment.

I’d love to show you what it looked like & all the samples, but apparently none of the pictures of the box I took worked out. I was having power issues with the camera, but I think that’s been fixed.

So far I’ve spun up 4 samples:

Tanenbaum from Mousewife:

I found this wee little braid super easy to spin up and I ended up with about 55 yards of 2 ply yarn (from about 14 g). The only thing that I found odd at all was the name, as it’s a bit pink & blue.

Beautiful Reflection from Spin Fusion.

Sparkly pretty stuff – merino with firestar. This was my first time using firestar, so that was an interesting lesson in how little you need to make a difference. I chain-plied this to keep the lovely soft colours together. It’s 20 yards long and 6 g and I think it might have a future as an embellishment on a girly knit. Perhaps flowers?

On Broadway Mini Batt from Fiber Fancy.

This is an interesting mix of alpaca, lambswool, bamboo rayon, mulberry silk, and angelina. My daughter saw this when it was in progress and was admiring the shine. I turned this into 24 yards of chain-plied yarn that’s black with a bit of bling. It weighs in at 8g.

Finally, there was the Calliope batt from A Dyeing Wish.

After I’d spun it up, I didn’t want to ply it, so I have 50 yards from what my scale says is about 1g. It’s made up of Brown Romney, wool, silk, and glitz.

There is still plenty more to spin & play with, and whenever I don’t want to commit to hours and hours of spinning a particular thing, the samples are perfect.

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One Response to Saturday Spinning Update – Phat Fiber box!

  1. Cookie says:

    I’ve always wondered about those boxes. How cool!