The pinkness – another Saturday spinnning update

A while back I was in my LYS with my daughter and she helped me choose something to spin up. It’s in her favourite colours: pink and purple. She’s almost 6, so that’s de rigeur. I wasn’t sure I could do it justice, but I was emboldened by last week’s success with the blue.
Here’s the before (Fleece Artist BFL):

And here’s the 170 yds of chain-plied loveliness (weighing in at 61g):

Pink & Purple chain-plied BFL

I’m a happy camper. And since there was still time left in the week (not really, but I made time), I decided to have a go at plying my undyed BFL singles. I knew I wanted 2 ply yarn, so I wound 2 balls together into another ball, then spit-spliced and wound until I had a single ball a bit larger than a softball. Then I took my magic plying wand (wooden stick + cup hook on the end) and plied. Then I plied some more the next day. And the next day. I now have around 660 yards of unwashed yarn. It weights in at about 160g. I’m quite happy with the result!

BFL 2 ply

Of course now this is real yarn it can be used for knitting. I am challenging myself to design something especially for this yarn and I’ll be working on that shortly. Of course I may distract myself with designing something else to use up my pink/purple creation for my girly-girl or my blue creation for me. We’ll see what comes to me first.

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2 Responses to The pinkness – another Saturday spinnning update

  1. lisa says:

    LOVELY spinning!!

  2. Cookie says:

    You, my dear, are a natural.