Another languishing project

Last week I showed you my golden Tudor Ruffles scarf in progress. I’ve got something on the needles that’s older and even closer to being finished. I’m going to show it to you now to shame me into finishing it. What it’s got in common with the scarf is that it’s a project intended for me.

Last June I started working on fingering weight version of my Eiffel Tower Shawl. I wanted to use some Wollmeise, because what’s the point of having it if I never knit with it, right? So I started with the club colour Jultomte. Everything was going very well except it didn’t look like I’d have enough. I ran out half way through the border.

After begging some people who had it in their stashes, I was able to buy a second skein, but it was darker. I tried knitting a few rows but the transition was very obvious. I picked back to the border and began alternating skeins. I think I’ve stalled on this because I’m a little unsure about how it’ll look when it’s done, but I’m now only about 20 rows from finishing. I might as well finish it up, right?

Here it is in its almost-done messiness:

Perhaps one day soon I’ll get the urge to finish this one off. Perhaps I should just commit to do at least 1 row a day on this and 3 ruffles a day on the yellow scarf and I’ll have two new things to wear in no time!

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3 Responses to Another languishing project

  1. kmkat says:

    Sounds like a plan to me!

  2. Cookie says:

    I like your plan! You can totally do it.

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