Kinda sorta knitting

So I’ve been knitting a bit recently. I did manage a few rows on my neglected Eiffel Tower Shawl, but it’s not finished. I’ve only got 6 more lace rows to go. I’ve done even less work on my neglected scarf. Instead, I’ve been doing some new knitting. It’s secret, though, so I can’t really show it yet.

I’ve done a prototype and a couple of actual hats and things. Then I used the same pattern to knit with some of my handspun for the first time. I bravely took the pink and purple handspun I made for my daughter and turned it into a hat. I’ve blurred out the details, but you can see how the colours worked up into stripes.

It fits her well and she seems to like it. And I enjoyed knitting with yarn that I’d made myself. I consider this a successful knitting venture!

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4 Responses to Kinda sorta knitting

  1. tina says:

    Love the yarn, very very pretty! Don’t you love when a knitting venture is a rip roaring success?????? Your daughter looks very satisfied in her hat! Let’s not dwell on projects that haven’t received much of our attention, shall we?

  2. knittyjaimee says:

    I love the hat. It is really cute and I like how it stripes. And Z is pretty cute too!!!

  3. Cookie says:


    Isn’t it wonderful to knit with yarn you made? :D

  4. Jenn says:

    OMG LOVE it!!