Saturday spinning update – a golden ounce

Although flu, colds and various infections have been plaguing our household this week, I still managed to get a bit of spinning done. I was anxious to start working on the lovely golden batts from the Cupcake Fiber Company that I showed earlier. I worked through my nervousness about possibly screwing it all up and started spinning. Wow, this stuff is dreamy. It’s easy for me to spin consistently thin and it goes quickly. It’s so soft to the touch. This will be a very pleasant spinning experience.

I spun up the first ounce and now I’ve got 5 more glorious ounces to go before plying. Here are some shots in progress. The singles not on the spindle are wound around a tennis ball, FYI, so it’s not as much as you might imagine. It’s lovely and glowing and all mine, my preciousss…

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2 Responses to Saturday spinning update – a golden ounce

  1. Cookie says:

    I hope everyone is feeling better!

    Your singles are BEAUTIFUL! You are so good at this, Natalie!

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