Saturday spinning update – ice cream

This week I’ve been trying out a little more work with colour. I started with these two batches of merino from Fleece Artist. The colourway is called “Fleur”, but as I spun I couldn’t help thinking about ice cream: Neapolitan ice cream.

I took the first braid and divided it in half, going for long colour repeats. The fiber was pretty squished up, but I used some muscle to pre-draft it and I persevered. When I did the second braid, I was looking to divide it into lots of skinny piecesĀ  to get shorter colour repeats. I ended up with about 26 long skinny worms to spin. It’s a good thing that I did the short colour repeats second, because it was so much easier to draft and spin it made me wonder why I’d stuck it out with the first batch.

Yesterday I finished plying. This seemed interminable, because I spun it pretty thin. I also have about 100 yards from the short colour repeat one left over that I’m going to play around with plying.

This is about 540 yards in about 103 g of Merino Sliver from Fleece Artist. I think the colours are a bit too light to really highlight what I did, but the long colour repeat part of this is very evident. I’m not sure why I picked up this fiber because I don’t love the colours. Perhaps I’ll like it more knit up.

Now I’m done and able to move on to the golden fluff I got from the Cupcake Fiber Company. I lost an Anemoi mitten at the grocery store earlier this week. My blog tells me they were 4 years old, but they were still in constant use. Perhaps the golden yarn I generate won’t grace my feet, but instead will be on my hands. Don’t expect even the spinning to be completed by next week!

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2 Responses to Saturday spinning update – ice cream

  1. Cookie says:

    Beautiful spinning!

    I’m so sorry about the lost mitten.

  2. Kim Evans says:

    Wow. You’re a gooooood spinner. Beautiful wool.