Saturday spinning update – what happened to my week?

I am having trouble believing it’s Saturday again already. I haven’t even posted any knitting stuff this week, but I have been knitting. Honest! I have also been spinning and loving it.

Perhaps my week disappeared because today was my daughter’s 6th birthday party. Everything went well, there were tons of pink and purple things, princess-related things, and Z. is happy. It was a great day.

But back to the spinning. Last week I managed to spin up one cupcake. Well in the past 7 to 9 days, I’ve somehow managed to do a lot more.

The first exhibit is another Phat Fiber sample. This one was from Beesybee Fibers and it’s Corriedale Fiber in a colourway called “Winter Morning”.

It seemed to agree to spin very thin. I took this one with me while the car was in for service and I got a lot of odd looks. It felt like everyone on duty walked by at some point to see what the strange lady was doing. While I was there I spun it and turned it into 2 ply. It was still fairly thin and I had this wacky idea to chain ply it and see how that would look. It became 6 ply yarn, 21.5 yards of it, about worsted weight.

I was sidetracked by another spinning project, a smaller one, inspired by a friend. I took 54g of bright pink fiber (80% merino, 20% silk) and turned it into about 270 yards of 2 ply that I want to keep even though I’m not a bright pink kind of person. Must be the silk.

Despite these distractions, I’m now just past the halfway point with the golden cupcakes. Here’s my special box half full of batts and half full of singles waiting to be plied. Yummy.

I’m still loving spinning this stuff. I’m working with the merino/nylon blend. Joan’s got some BFL/nylon in the store now and she’s working on a bamboo blend, among other things.

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3 Responses to Saturday spinning update – what happened to my week?

  1. Ooh pretty! Can I be your pink friend!! ;) miss you gals!!

  2. Cookie says:


    Your spinning is just beautiful, Natalie. Such a natural! Btw, the guys at my car place wander around ALL THE TIME and look at everyone like they’ve got three heads. Not just you.