Saturday spinning update – boring green is done!

I must confess that I got really bored spinning my green pencil roving (2 bags of IN Silk Fingerwolle by Schoppel-Wolle). It’s too bad, because it’s green (which I love) and merino/silk (which I love). But after 50g, it got really boring. After 75g, I wanted to stop. I did stop for a few days, but that’s because life intervened with things to do. I finally finished the full 100g late this week.

Today I finally finished plying this green skein. It’s about 600 yards, give or take, in about 90g. I have another 80 yards of singles left over and I’m not sure if I’m going to ply them up as well or just let it hang around for later. I should have used my $2 plying stick instead of my large Golding spindle to ply on because the cop was too big for far too long at the end.

I guess I’m happy with the end result, but this week I’ll start spinning something that I find a little more exciting – perhaps a more exciting colour or mix of colours. In the mean time I’ll wash this and let it dry and see if I can come up with something to knit with it.

As expected most of my knitting time this week was spent with a project that is secret for now, but I am closing in on a final decision for yarn & beads for Emily 2.

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2 Responses to Saturday spinning update – boring green is done!

  1. lucette says:

    that is a lot of spinning. makes me want to dust off my wheel and spin a bit. just a bit.

  2. Cookie says:

    So beautiful! Well done!

    Now you know exactly why I love Joan’s 1 ounce batts so much. I can spin a different color if I’m getting bored rather than stick with the same colors for weeks on end.