Shawl finished, now what?

I did manage to block the green store sample Eiffel Tower Shawl. It’s gone off to the store. My own Eiffel Tower Shawl is currently soaking in my sink upstairs, so it should be blocked today and dry tomorrow.

I’m a little unsure what to do next. Of course I know that in terms of spinning I’ve still got a lot to accomplish. I’m in the middle of plying my cupcake batts. But what should I put on the needles next?

I’ve had an idea in my head for ages now and I started playing with little swatches yesterday. I think it’ll be perfect for this vivid yarn:

That’s Posh Yarn‘s Miranda 4 ply in “Count Von Count”. Mmm, alpaca, silk & cashmere.

Now I just need, as Tim Gunn says, to “make it work.”

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