Growing my knitting skills – and getting sidetracked

Today’s topic is to look back over the last year of projects & look at where I am in terms of new skills and knowledge.

I’ve got two main areas that I’ve been learning in the last year: creating knitting patterns and spinning.

I don’t have any training in writing knitting patterns. I’m an engineer who tests software and who got a Classical Studies degree for fun. After over a decade of knitting, I started having my own ideas. My first idea took ages to turn into a written pattern and the process was painful.

In the last year I’ve got a lot more comfortable with writing patterns and I published 6 in 2010. 2010 helped me clarify what I believe needs to be in a pattern. I also started developing a better process for getting there. The experience of doing a gigantic knit along (KAL) last July was an amazing wild ride. It helped me hone my troubleshooting skills. Everyone has their own interpretation of the words on a page, so it was a challenge to remotely diagnose the problems other people had with how my brain works ;)

This year I’m working on my pattern development and looking to do more submissions for publication.

In November I finally succumbed to the desire to learn to spin. I had bought Abby Franquemont’s book a few months earlier, but it wasn’t until November that I bought a wonderful little Golding spindle. Since then I’ve spun about 5 miles of singles and I’ve gone from wonky looking stuff to yarn that looks and acts like yarn. This has sidetracked me from knitting, but it’s also brought me a lot of joy. It’ll eventually lead to knitting.

I’m pretty much self-taught from books and YouTube videos, so I’m hoping in the next year to learn from some folks who’ve been doing this for longer.

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4 Responses to Growing my knitting skills – and getting sidetracked

  1. Cookie says:

    Wonderful post!

    You’ll keep learning and growing. That’s what people do. ;^)


  2. Maya Moonie says:

    Spinning is something that, frankly, terrifies me. You’ve made some beautiful yarns!

  3. TeresaB says:

    Well I for one am thankful that you’ve been writing patterns and I hope you continue. I’ve dabbled, but still so tentative about it. I love your designs and enjoyed the KAL last year, even if I couldn’t keep up! Keep up the great work.

    PS – I have one skein of Sundara that was gifted to me. I’m going to start Taj Mahal shawl with it when I finish my Eiffel Tower shawl. I’m a sucker of those deep colors too.

  4. katiemckinna says:

    your hand spun is lovely.