Tidy mind, tidy stitches?

If my mother’s reading this post she may be laughing and thinking back to my mess of a bedroom when I was growing up. There’s a reason the carpet didn’t get updated until I left.

Is my yarn organized? Yes and no. My yarn is organized into bins. There is a lace weight bin, a fingering weight bin, a baby-related-yarn bin, a cotton bin, and a sweater yarn bin. And because of my new spinning thing, there’s now a small handspun bin. There’s also a fiber shelf, because you can’t squish that lovely stuff.

Fiber shelf: bags of fiber, niddy-noddies, and swift

Bins and overflow: I see 2 projects, another bag of fiber, and another bag of yarn I got out with good intentions, my Strauch ball winder, and my bag of needles, beads and buttons

Generally my yarn is where it is supposed to be. The problems begin when I have ideas. I have more ideas of things to do than I have time to work on them. I’m usually working on 3 or 4 or 5 things at once. Yarn comes out of the bins because I have a plan for it and then I never get to it. Bags of yarn and projects seem to multiply. And now add spindles and fiber into the mix.

This sounds chaotic, but thanks to the fact that we’re trying to sell the house, it’s generally in 2 or 3 bags that I can either take with me in the car or store in the closet. And then every couple of months or so I empty out a bag and put things away.

Bags currently in use – the red one has everything I might need (needles, Chibi, scissors, stitch markers, measuring tape, etc.), the lighter one is stuff on the go for a quick trip to an appointment, etc.

Stuff that jumped out of the bags: a WIP, spinning fiber, yarn for the chart that is also visible, and a sweater I recently blocked

What keeps this a sane arrangement is Ravelry & the fact that I have my stash photographed and online. I am someone who’s a visual organizer. Ravelry lets me store my yarn out of sight while still having the ability to see it. Thank goodness for that.

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4 Responses to Tidy mind, tidy stitches?

  1. TeresaB says:

    I think Ravelry is the absolute best thing ever! I do admit I’ve gotten behind with some photography and uploading new additions to my stash. I keep saying I’m going to remedy that situation but haven’t yet.

  2. Vivianne says:

    Yes, I forget the stash thing at Rav: I really should use it more. It beats braining myself with the tub on the top of the wardrobe :-)

  3. tina says:

    I clearly need more yarn.
    A bigger stash.
    I need more!

    I never knew I was so deeply and profoundly LACKING! :)

  4. Nannie says:

    Yes your Mum remembers… but that’s OK! I have my muddles too. Our project of the moment is finishing up “Zoe’s room” before Easter…