Where are they now?

So here we are on day four of the 2nd annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week and I’m still on time and on topic! Today’s topic is about knits that have moved on. Where the heck are they now?

I’ve had a bad cold season. I lost my beloved green gloves last November. They were made out of the special Wollmeise sock yarn in Buxkranzl. I knit the Knotty Gloves pattern and they fit perfectly. And they’re gone. I’ve inquired about them, but no luck so far.

More recently I lost one of my Anemoi mittens at the grocery store. They’re 4 years old. This was the first pattern I ever bought online and I loved the result. Now I have one mitten.

My hands are currently being kept warm for what little cold weather remains (please please please let it be very little) in some grey fleece mittens that I’m not very attached to. I’m not feeling the glove or mitten knitting mojo at the moment, but I’ll have to do something before the fall.

There is another category of projects that I’ve let go of. In the lead-up to getting the house on the market I got rid of many items of clothing. That included a number of hand-knit sweaters. To make it easier to part with them I took pictures. Here’s what went away:

A star sweater, charted by me. Knit during university from a wool/acrylic blend (navy) and cotton (yellow). Oh, and there was one ball of the navy that was the wrong dye lot. It’s on the back and somewhat visible as a stripe.

A diamond sweater, also knit during university, I believe. I knit part of this when visiting relatives in Northern Ireland. I think this one was 100% wool in yarn I got on sale at Lewiscraft.

Durrow, by Alice Starmore, knit in some cheap acrylic. I remember working on this when we were in Noelville for Ron’s godfather’s funeral. This was big on me even at my very biggest and the waffle pattern does nothing for a big person.

I’ve also given lots of knits away as gifts and while I hope they’re worn and enjoyed, I have no problem letting go. The enjoyment for me was in the knitting and the giving.

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3 Responses to Where are they now?

  1. lucette says:

    it is sad when knits get lost and all that is left is the memories. I have given away quite a few sweaters too and always felt good about it.

  2. katiemckinna says:

    Even though the waffle pattern sweater may not have been the most flattering object, I must say, it really is beautiful.


  3. Cookie says:

    I hope your luck improves with the handwear. Such a shame to lose a beloved mitten.