Lavender Fields – blocked & flying

When I showed you the little peek of the Lavender Fields shawl prototype last week I didn’t give you any visuals to explain the inspiration. Here’s a field of lavender, showing the rounded rows. The main body of the shawl mimics this.

(c) Martin Pettit

Here’s a shot of some lavender flowers, courtesy of Great Lakes Lavender in Chatham, Ontario. The nupps in the border of the shawl are intended to look like lavender buds coming off a stem. The nupp-weary can always use beads instead.

(c) Great Lakes Lavender

I managed to power through the full-sized fingering weight Lavender Fields shawl earlier this week. I knit it in Posh Yarn Miranda 4 ply in a colour called “Count Von Count”. I find that when people see it in person they usually say “Wow, that’s purple!”

Yesterday we had a bit of sun and I tried to capture what it looks like. The wind gave me a bit of trouble, but if you’re patient and you can take enough shots with a digital camera, you end up with something like this:

There’s more on my Ravelry project page but it took about 575 yards. The pattern should be released later this month/early May and is currently being test knit in everything from lace weight to worsted weight.

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3 Responses to Lavender Fields – blocked & flying

  1. Cookie says:

    So beautiful, Natalie! Well done!

  2. Francine says:

    stunning can’t wait to knit it!

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