Saturday spinning update – a little Cobalt

A while ago Joan put even more fabulous new boxes of fiber in the Cupcake Fiber Company’s Etsy shop. I was dithering over what colour needed to be mine. I decided that I wanted to try a different type of fiber blend and settled on the BFL/Silk mix. I still had a problem: Cobalt and Bronze both looked gorgeous.

My friend Michelle sorted this out because when I bought the Cobalt & she bought the Bronze. Here’s my box of Cobalt.

Earlier this week amid the chaos of knitting 3 shawls in 3 weeks and getting a pattern published, I took a couple of hours and started working on these lovelies. After a few minutes I settled in at what seems to be my “normal” weight of yarn. Here’s half an ounce on my 0.75oz Golding spindle.

Can you see that shine? This particular blend is 85% BFL, 15% silk, which gives the singles the shine of silk without having had me curse it while spinning. It’s quite dreamy to spin and I knew I was in trouble when I started doing some mental math to figure out how long I’d have to sit there spinning if I wanted to finish all 6 ounces.

I haven’t made any further progress, but there’s hope for next week. In the mean I’ll continue playing with the grey Madelinetosh lace when I’m not hunting for Easter eggs.

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2 Responses to Saturday spinning update – a little Cobalt

  1. Cookie says:

    Beautiful spinning!

    It does take time, but I think it’s totally worth it.

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