Saturday spinning update: Frabjous Fibers BFL

I recently acquired 4 oz of Frabjous Fibers BFL top in colour “Lucky Star” from Michelle’s “I want a Doberman puppy” destash. It looked kind of like this to start with:

So I split it into quarters and with a bit of pre-drafting I was able to spin it very thin. It might have too much twist. I don’t really know yet. I finished spinning it on Thursday but what with life and everything, I’ve not got very far with the plying yet. Here’s the shot of my plying stick after I’m just about done a dark patch:

And here’s my plying ball (started on a tennis ball), asking to be played with a little more:

The colours just don’t seem to be showing up the way I saw them when I was spinning, but it’s almost teal in places and runs from dark to light. I can’t wait to see what it’ll look like skeined up. But you’ll have to wait until next week at least.

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