Saturday spinning update – it’s plied!

I didn’t accomplish much this week in spinning because I was so busy knitting shawls. I did manage to finish up the plying on my Frabjous Fibers blues. It’s 2 ply, probably around 400 yards of it in about 109 grams. I’ll know for sure after it’s washed.

It seems to have fairly long runs of different shades of blue-green and I’m still loving the colours. Perhaps I’ll wind it up on the ball-winder when it’s dry to see how the colours look. I don’t know what it wants to be when it’s knit up yet and I don’t know what I’m spinning next.

I did get some lovely Pigeonroof Studios roving (left) and Southern Cross Fibre (right) from a destash this week. They’re in similar colourways with a mix of colours that are my default, so I’m sure I’ll love them spun up.

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One Response to Saturday spinning update – it’s plied!

  1. Cookie says:

    Beautiful spinning! And such promising fiber. :D