Show and tell

I had a great time last night speaking to the Lanark County Knitting Guild in Almonte. It was amazing to me how much room all my knits took up. I stuffed my usual weekend away bag full of them! It reminded me of my daughter getting ready for show & tell. Finally, a practical use for my show & tell experiences from grade school.

Here’s my new show & tell for all you internet folks. I cast off, blocked, and darned in ends on the lace version of the Lavender Fields shawl yesterday. It took about 635 yards of Madelinetosh Tosh Lace in colour Tern and I love it.

Can you see why I love Madelinetosh?

I probably should have gone up a needle size on this, but the yarn relaxed beautifully in the water and it didn’t mind me blocking the heck out of it.

P.S. Hey spinners & wannabes, Interweave is having a sale on a video Abby Franquemont did for Respect the Spindle. The video download is TEN CENTS until next Tuesday. Crazy.

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2 Responses to Show and tell

  1. Cookie says:

    How fun!

    Another beautiful knit! Well done!

  2. Kelly says:

    It was a great evening, very inspirational!